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Squeezable Homemade Remineralizing ToothpasteAs I prepared for my visit to NY and packed my stuff I realized that it might be a good time to share some info about toothpaste.

Many toxic sources that often go unnoticed are the products that we use for dental care. Toothpaste, mouthwash, picks and various tools that are steeped in chemicals. You can eliminate them all with natural homemade solutions that are much more effective.

The information in this post owes much to the work of Dr. Weston A. Price, and the books from Ramiel Nagel that present Dr. Price’s work in addressing tooth and gum care.

There are many additional books and websites that provide various toothpaste or tooth powder recipes, and one of the most basic ‘secrets‘ is to use baking soda and some sea salt with colloidal silver (or hydrogen peroxide – but only if you have no metal in your mouth). I used this powder for some time, and then moved to an equal parts baking soda and bentonite clay mixture in coconut oil for a toothpaste. Both are very effective.

One caution: for some people, the gums can respond negatively to too much baking soda, which is likely due to making your ph too high. This depends a lot on the individual and their diet. It was a problem that baffled me for a while with my own personal use. Thus I have reduced the amount of baking soda that I use.

And now I use the recipe below, which is copied from The Healthy Home Economist, who in turn adapted it from The Wellness Mama’s Squeezable Toothpaste Recipe. I highly recommend reading many of the related articles on The Healthy Home Economist blog, as there is a wealth of information there on this topic.

Ingredients for Healthy Remineralizing Toothpaste

6 Tablespoons of virgin coconut oil
1 Tbl baking soda
5 Tbl calcium carbonate (where to find)
1-2 Tbl bentonite clay (where to find)
20-30 drops of peppermint essential oil
5-10 drops of lemon essential oil
30 drops of trace minerals (where to find)
Filtered water as needed


Mix all the ingredients well.  If the mixture is too hard or thick, add a few splashes of filtered water.

It easy once you have everything on hand. I also use a squeezable silicon tube, recommended by the Wellness Mama, to replicate the convenience of a toothpaste tube. 

It should be noted that the amount of essential oils can be adjusted a lot, as not all brands are of equal potency. And you can adjust the other contents too, to find a preferred taste and texture.

How About Oil Pulling?

I highly recommend oil pulling as an effective detox method for not only the mouth, but the entire body. I put a spoonful of virgin coconut oil in my mouth every morning and swish it around for fifteen or twenty minutes, and then spit it out (into a paper towel). I also rinse with colloidal silver (CS) before and after this, keeping the CS in my mouth for at least a minute each time. It is usually effortless for me, as I can do it while I am prepping for the morning. I sometimes do it before, during, or after exercise or running. Brushing is done after that.


Maybe you like to use mouthwash? OK, here is a great mouthwash ‘recipe’ that you can make at home. I will reprint it here, but the linked article is definitely good reading:


Xylitol is a little bit controversial, so I do not recommend it. If you really need a sweetener, I recommend pure stevia; although I personally do not find the need for any sweetener.

Why Should We Use These Recipes?

As far as cavity fighting, I already  use colloidal silver as a rinse before and after oil pulling. But fighting the cavity is not enough, as some damage will always be done. We need to heal. We need to remineralize.

The entire idea of ‘cavity fighting’ is irrelevant if our diet is good (i.e. following the WAPD guidance), as our cavities will heal.  And this mouthwash and toothpaste are aiding in remineralization, which is the key point for ‘fighting’ cavities.

Our ancestors thrived for millions of years without any of this – why? – because the body eliminates cavities and repairs teeth naturally when it has the nutrition it needs. Look around you. Animals and people throughout history have maintained perfect teeth. Diet is the single most powerful influence on the health of your gums and teeth.

But the recipes above help us stay healthy in several different ways:

  • They displace toxic products.
  • They help detox the mouth and body.
  • They help fight pathogens that cause cavities.
  • They help the body heal cavities.

Even with a perfect diet we are still inundated with toxins from our environment, so these types of recipes are a great way to help maintain health.

Personally, I have some old fillings, occasional cavities, and gum disease ( but no root canals), and my overall oral health seems to be steadily improving. – although it backslides quickly when I get lazy with my diet. The biggest and quickest positive impact always seems to come when I supplement with Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil from Green Pasture. I have seen pinhole cavities disappear when taking those superfoods, and sensitivity and bleeding will cease.

Search the internet and you will find many stories (and photos) of people healing their teeth and gums with similar recipes and diet.

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