The Water Test

Do you think you know what water is?

Science is a wonderful thing. I am a science freak, and especially love Quantum Physics. But let’s get some things straight about science…

As much as we know… and we do know a lot… we still know next to nothing. Nothing. Every year that goes by shows us the errors of our knowledge the year before. Of course there are some realms of knowledge that stand the test of time,  but many other common things do not. Such as water.

Yes, water, which most of us know is H2O, is still largely a mystery. Here are a couple of links that will give you just a hint at how complex this mystery is:

1. A great introduction page written by Martin Chaplin, with very in-depth studies that are outlined nicely in the table of contents:

London South Bank University

2. A very different view. This is a rather dry,  review of what we do know, written from an engineering perspective:

The USGS Water Science School

I don’t pretend to understand all of this. My point in posting the information is to emphasize that nobody should be pretending to understand water – let alone all the complex drugs that are constantly being pushed on us. Life is far more complex than we realize. Keep that in mind when reading or listening to ‘facts’ about products.

Our bodies are mostly made of water, so how can we be sure how some artificial drug is going to react within our bodies?  We can’t.


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