Swedish Family illustrates GMO Dangers

Here is a great story about GMO vs. Organic that will illustrate a few of the dangers of GMO very clearly for you. Watch the short video of this Swedish family. Equally important, notice the subtle (and grotesque) way that Yahoo plants seeds of doubt in their article.

It is a good read, with a lot of good information, but Yahoo (and/or Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of New York Nutrition Group,  ) is blatantly wrong in the latter part of the article. I cannot emphasize enough how wrong (and insidious) their comments are:

1. False statement: There are some misconceptions about organic eating that everyone seems to get wrong, says Moskovitz. “The most common one is that organic foods are more nutritious,” she explains. “Very little, if any, evidence supports this theory. For example, an organic carrot is very similar in nutritional value to a conventionally grown carrot.”

Really?! That is absolutely false. The differences can be astronomical.

Even among organic vegetables, nutrition is not equal, and  may not even be close. It is well known and well understood that the planet faces a soil crises, and many plants are seriously depleted of many nutrients. Boron is just one good example, as it is essential for us, and yet vegetables can be devoid of it if the soil has been depleted. And most soil has been. More ‘popular’ examples:

Vitamin C content can vary by over 300% and Carotenoids by over 200%. Yes, we are talking about double and triple the nutrition. But in truth, it is far worse, and can easily vary by 1,000%. Here is a study that compares six carrot growers, and note that they are all grown in equal conditions, as this is not a GMO vs. Organic study. It is simply highlighting the differences between cultivators:

You will quickly see the variations of 200 – 300%, but also notice what happens in storage. This is essential, as GMOs (and irradiated foods, and various other chemical treatments) are intended to increase shelf life. Thus, not only do they start off with less nutrition, but that nutrition is further diminished due to storage. By contrast, organic foods spoil quickly, and therefore must be eaten sooner, so they start with more nutrition, and are closer to that level at time of consumption.

It’s easy to see how organic food can have TEN TIMES the nutrition of GMOs and other non-organics. This difference is not merely due to the genetic manipulation, but due to a complex array of factors that are determined by the farming and supply chain practices surrounding the products.

2. True, But (Intentionally?) Misleading: Lisa says “While organic crops can still carry pesticide residue, it is well under government safety thresholds.”

There is no reason to make this kind of statement, other than to plant seeds of doubt in the readers mind. However, I would like to add to her statement, as she should have…

Please do realize that even among organic foods, the differences can vary greatly, so do your homework and find food sources that you trust. It is worth the effort.

 – Do not trust everything your read, no matter the source. Dig deep. Lisa gives us a great example in this article, as she is an ‘RD’ from ‘The NY Nutritional Group’ and yet her ‘facts’ are completely false.

 – Do NOT trust ‘Organic’ labels! The government requirements for ‘organic’ are often meaningless, and such ‘certifications’ are often too costly for truly organic food suppliers. Government regulations often allow the use of chemicals to varying degrees that will shock you. You are far better served by finding local farms that you can visit or research with confidence. It is not nearly as hard as you think.

Support the small farmers, and you will make yourself and the planet healthier. And hats off to that Swedish family for a nice concise video to illustrate their efforts and the effects.

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Pills, Power, Milk

This blog post is about empowerment. And a pill.

A friend pointed out an exciting new pill that promises to dramatically slow down the aging process. This new pill would be highly effective at combating oxidative stress, and thus would not only combat aging, but would also combat countless diseases. It sounds like a dream.
But I am not exactly thrilled. Why? Because it is a pill. A pill that would cost you money. A pill that is manufactured, and would give the manufacturer sole control over your dependency on that product (as evidenced by the numerous patents). The patents don’t sit well with me. It means they control cost. They control ingredients. They control supply. They control the amount of knowledge that you can have about the product. And this is a product that would be targeted for perpetual use.
I’m not totally against pills. But I am much happier when they are not patented. I then have the ability to investigate and choose my source. And I greatly prefer capsules. Capsules are often a great transport mechanism for healthy foods, so I am not referring to capsules in this post. My concern is for processed pills, which contain fillers and other chemicals in addition to their primary ingredients. I sometimes take MSM, but even then I will not take a pill – only a natural capsule or powder.
The interesting thing about this particular pill is that it seems to be built on sound science that I agree with completely. It uses five plant ingredients, including green tea and tumeric. Absolutely great stuff. So why am I not excited about it?
1. Is this pill more effective than simply juicing the same ingredients or making smoothies with them? Or is it more effective than other natural approaches that may achieve the same goals? Maybe further research will answer those questions for me.
2. We are still woefully ignorant of life. Scientists cannot even agree on what water is, let alone the complete long-term affects of manufactured compounds. We are playing with fire when we try to manipulate nature.  It’s not the exotic plant based mixture that I mind, but the manufacturing. My single greatest challenge is to get nutrition that is unadulterated, as nature intended. Pills are an obstacle to this process.
3. Without a lifestyle change, you could still be overloading the enzyme capacity of your body, overwhelming your body with toxins, and doing a number of other things that even a ‘magic’ pill will not overcome. A healthy life is best achieved by a healthy lifestyle.
4. I worry that the psychological impact of an ‘anti-aging’ pill could be devastating. This pill will not save you from osteoporosis or the countless other ailments that are due to nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload, lack of exercise, etc.. And might some people become complacent and overconfident with such a pill in hand? Aging is greatly impacted by behavior.
Again, I like the ideas behind this pill, but I feel like business is coopting natural remedies for profits, and I do not see how such a pill would be better than the many natural remedies that are already available.
I am reminded of milk, and the countless statistics that say it is good for you or bad for you. All pointless really, because most of the milk consumed in the U.S. is nothing like ‘real’ milk at all. It comes from grain-fed cows, which produce a very different milk because grain is not their natural diet. Those same cows are pumped with hormones and antibiotics, and the grain is GMO, so all that ‘unnatural’ stuff ends up in the milk. Not to mention bodily fluids (blood, puss, etc.) that are excreted with the milk, due to the cows being in an unhealthy state. This concoction is then highly processed (homogenized, pasteurized, etc.), and mixed with additives that are not on the label. Nutrition, enzymes, and good bacteria are lost. Not to mention that skim milk is even more dangerous, as most of it contains powdered milk that goes through a physical process which oxidizes the cholesterol. Bad stuff. It looks like milk, the label says it is milk, but it is nothing like the real milk that comes from a grass-fed cow; which you can drink straight from the cow.
Our history is littered with similar stories of great products that were watered down and/or poisoned in the name of profits. And so here I see a wonderful natural remedy filled with promise, but traveling on a dangerous path that is all too familiar.
I don’t really know anything about this pill yet, so I will not mention it by name until I get better educated. This is my knee-jerk reaction to the idea, and I am using it as a sounding board for the issues mentioned. I want to empower people to help themselves, and live a healthy life that is more in harmony with a healthy planet. For me, that means consumption of fewer manufactured goods and access to healthy, sustainable, natural food.
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Seven Generations

Some ancient wisdom that we all really need to grasp…

“The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future. This remarkably prescient philosophy is currently somewhat overused as a “green” marketing ploy to sell everything from dish soap to cars.”

Truly awesome summary that I took from here.

And to illustrate the sad truth of that last sentence, is the grotesque irony that a fossil fuel energy company would usurp the term ‘Seven Generations’ for its name. Even worse is that it is no accident, and they have a beautiful summary of the concept on their homepage:

“The term, “Seven Generations” is a human ecological concept that originated with the Great Law of the Iroquois. It compelled leaders to make decisions that would benefit their people seven generations (which by today’s standards is roughly 200 years) into the future. It is a sustainability concept that is just as appropriate today as it was half a millennium ago. In using this concept as our name we are undertaking to live up to the spirit intended by the Iroquois…”

The irony is mind boggling, as there is no fossil fuel that will last for another 200 years. And of course they will rape every corner of the earth to get as much as they can.

We can list the atrocities endlessly, but it is better to focus on the idea of Seven Generations. In all our actions, we should think about what it means for the generations beyond our own existence.

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Why am I here?

Why am I here? I decided it was time to get back on social media to support my activism. I am here to empower people by making them aware of Dr. Weston A. Price, and other heroes like him. His health and nutrition guidance is something that everyone should be aware of. I dare you to learn about him. You will be amazed at how obvious his findings are.
In addition to Dr. Price’s common sense guidance, there are a great many things that we can do to empower ourselves and take control of our health – while also having a positive impact on our world. Healthy living is also sustainable living. We must be more ecologically responsible in our choices.
We live in a world that is now heavily polluted with toxins and pathogens that even the healthiest person may not be able to cope with. However, there are many tools for dealing with these modern challenges – Colloidal Silver, Kefir, coconut oil, Bentonite Clay, the Beck Protocol, and on and on. Learn about them.
The answers are out there. If you are willing to look. Take the red pill.
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