We all have heroes.  Real or imagined, heroes can teach us, lead us, give us hope and knowledge.  In these pages I try to honor the heroes that have meant the most to me; and the heroes that I think could mean a lot to you as well.

There are really too many to list. Certainly there are popular heroes that many of us share, but in my dedicated pages you will likely find some that you never heard of.

Learn from these people. You will be amazed at what they have to offer.

Weston Price A leading medical researcher and dentist, Dr. Weston A. Price spent ten years living in the most remote places on earth, as he pursued and found the secrets to health, which he then published in 1939 in astounding detail. His work has a profound impact on health, epigenetics, agriculture, and many other fields.
Bob Beck A physicist, Dr. Bob Beck dedicated the later part of his life trying to empower people with perhaps the single most remarkable healing protocol – which he created – The Beck Protocol. He published and distributed schematics, and lectured and demonstrated, in order to freely distribute the information.
Nikola Tesla Another selfless scientist that gave us so much – electricity, radio, robotics, lasers, and much more. As remarkable as his legacy is, his history was almost erased by the robber barons. Luckily the last twenty years have seen education and history corrected, with documentaries, museums, and even patent reversals.
E.F. Schumacher  
Steve Jobs Despite the endless press, most people will never have any idea about the true greatness of this man. The media writes what it wants, depending on whatever perspective will attract the most attention. Steve Jobs was a selfless, modest man when compared to most, and his greatness was because of a relentless and singular focus on making people’s lives better. Everything else about him was virtually insignificant when compared to that singular focus. No amount of success or tragedy every corrupted it; never corrupted him.
Fritjof Capra This is a very personal hero for me, as his books bridged my passions for science and Eastern philosophy. When I discovered his books in the 1980s, I discovered that I was not alone in my thinking. His view of the world made sense to me, and his books introduced me to so many others that would become heroes for me.

Often dismissed as a mystic in his early years, his books are now classics, and his work continues to be part of what is now more mainstream thinking. He helped build the foundations upon which our holistic movements stand. Ecology, epigenetics, holistic health care, environmental activism, and on and on.

Lord Acton Power corrupts… Absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely… Great men are bad men. These and other similar quotes are the work of Lord Acton. Not just poetry, but the conclusions of a great historian that found these axioms to be true across all cultures. A hundred years later, it is sad to say that his conclusions are truer than ever. He does’t really fit on my list of heroes, but his work is important and should be understood by all.

Additionally, there are some organizations that fit into the ‘hero’ category for me…

Great organizations that contribute to the betterment of mankind.

The Weston A. Price Foundation This is where the great work of Dr. Weston A. Price is spread. The organization is a powerful force behind many movements, and a great source of information and inspiration.
Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation This foundation is a gatekeeper for the work of Dr. Weston A. Price and the work of Dr. Francis M. Pottenger.
Green Pasture The absolute best high vitamin butter oil and fermented cod liver oil. A small family farm that is world renowned for their products. Dave Wetzel is the type of hero that we need more of, as he is dedicated to preserving the ancestral knowledge of sacred foods.
Jovial Foods My most trusted source for Einkorn wheat, and Einkorn wheat products. A leader in helping to restore this important ancient wheat.
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