Bentonite Clay

A great natural component of my own healing plan is Bentonite clay. Most of you probably played with clay at some point in your life, but I imagine that you probably didn’t eat it.

Many animals are known to seek and eat clay when they feel sick. And it is an ancient practice used in many cultures around the world. The reason for eating clay is to remove poisons from the body – especially heavy metals. It was also used to protect people from potential poisoning when they were eating something unknown or untrusted.

We live in a much more polluted world now, and our bodies are loaded with heavy metals and other contaminants that we are not equipped to expel. Bentonite clay and other similar products have an amazing capacity to draw these pollutants out of our body. We can include the clay in cooking, or simply put some in a glass of water and drink it.

Finding a good source for bentonite clay is relatively easy, so I have no specific recommendations. There are some variations, but you can google or check Amazon, and find the information. I happen to be using Redmond Clay at the moment.

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One thought on “Bentonite Clay”

  1. I love Redmond Clay. I cured myself of diverticulitis by taking it 2x a day. It took about 6 months. I took it for the discomfort then after a time I noticed there was no more pain. The next test by the doctor showed no more evidence of diverticulitis. I avoided a very serious surgery. Clay is amazing. I keep it made up as a paste and also in the refrigerator ready to drink.
    Love your site.
    Thank you.

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