FCLO: Calling Out Modern Alternative Mama

Yet another good person seems to have been taken down by Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s fraudulant report on Green Pasture’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO).

Kate, who runs her blog Modern Alternative Mama, has been a long time user and supporter of the GP FCLO products. But following Dr. Daniel’s report, she turned against her own experiences and wrote a scathing personal attack on the GP FCLO, and Green Pasture’s owner, Dave Wetzel. Having been a fan of Kate, I was shocked, and so I addressed her post head on here.

For convenience, here is my post in its entirety:

Wow Kate, your comments are shocking. You used these products with great success for years, through several pregnancies that ended with perfectly healthy children, and now you throw the products, the company, and the man under the bus with false claims?! I thought you were better than that. I believe that you misled by Dr. Daniel into feeling betrayed by Green Pasture, and you are striking out with an emotional response.

You have been seriously duped by Dr. Daniel’s hidden agenda. You are factually incorrect on numerous counts, and you are perpetuating false statements. Do the research. Experts, i.e., professionals in the field, have shown that all of Dr. Kaayla Daniel’s accusations are false. See this detailed report by Chris Masterjohn, which happens to be in line with all previous tests and reports:


No tests have ever confirmed the Green Pasture FCLO to be rancid. None. Ever.

Summary of Facts (according to experts in the field) about Green Pasture’s FCLO issue:

  • It is NOT rancid. This is explained in great detail by Dr. Masterjohn.
  • It is indeed from fermented livers, and this process is explained in detail.
  • It is Cod. Any search will show you that pollock is one of the few true cod.
  • The nutritional analysis of Vitamin K2, D, A, etc. is very complex; however, the Green Pasture FCLO unquestionably demonstrates a powerful and effective nutritional matrix.
  • The FCLO certainly contains Vitamin K2, and Dr. Masterjohn invites anyone to challenge his previous reports on that topic.
  • Transfat can be from microbial activity, and does NOT imply vegetable oil is present. Dr. Masterjohn presents several possibilities for the transfats, and does not consider their quantity to be significant.
  • ¬†Green Pasture is not the only CLO recommended by WAPF.

Again, no report has ever confirmed the Green Pasture products to be rancid. Dr. Daniel tries to imply, insinuate, infer, and speculate from her own secret lab results, but even those numbers are all dismantled by the experts. In fact, the lab tests from Dr. Daniel’s report actually confirms that the Green Pasture FCLO is an exceptionally clean, powerful, bioactive nutritional cod liver oil. The science is undeniable in this. And the experience of users is even more convincing.

And now you are running with Dr. Daniel’s agenda, adding more insinuations and speculation? Why? What has motivated you to attack a product that has helped you, your family, and your readers?

Some things that you must reconsider in your posts:

1. The fact is that nobody knows exactly what Green Pasture’s process is, as it is a trade secret. Yet you state as a fact that you know the process is the one you reference, and you condemn it. But that is simply not the case. Lab analysis confirms that the FCLO is indeed from a fermented process, but that exact process cannot be confirmed. You do a nice job of pulling up all that historical information, but that is irrelevant, and only serves to distract from the facts.

Furthermore, you misunderstand the concept of fermented CLO. It was never the oil itself that was fermented. It is the livers that are fermented, as the fermentation is used to extract the oils from the liver, and in doing so also imbues the end product with a bioactive nature. And the fact remains that no tests have shown the Green Pasture FCLO to be rancid or putrid.

2. You claim, at great length, that the Green Pasture FCLO is rancid, and yet you have no test results that show it. I find it offensive that you associate links to generic tests about the dangers of rancid oils, free fatty acids, etc., when those links have nothing to do with the product. In addition, you take a personal swipe at Dave Wetzel by quoting him on something that you think is relevant. This is especially sad, as Dave has a tremendous amount of great information on his site, and his opinions and research are respected by professionals in the field. Surely you must know this, and surely you could have posted numerous quotes from Dave that put him in a good light.

3. Anybody can look in Wikipedia or elsewhere and see that pollock is true cod. There is no single fish that represents ‘cod’ in a scientific way. The top level group of the cod family consists of four fish – Atantic cod, Pacific cod, Greenland cod, and Alaskan Pollock. These are all considered ‘true’ cod. That is the genetic taxonomy. In addition, the pollock only accounts for a small percentage of the livers, so any speculation about nutritional impact is meaningless.

4. The politics that you discuss within and around the WAPF have nothing to do with the test results, the analysis of the experts, or the personal experience of users such as yourself. You have a lot of disparaging comments that have nothing to do with the product, and I was sad to see that. As I mention in my opening, it seems to me that you felt betrayed and responded emotionally. It is Dr. Daniel that has betrayed you and the community, and not Dave Wetzel. You have three healthy children that are living proof of the safety and efficacy of the FCLO.

5. There is overwhelming guidance on the dosage of FCLO, the dangers of overdosing, and the fact that it is not for everyone. Yet you pull an obscure quote from Dave Wetzel (which seems likely to have been a typo) to imply that he is pushing dangerous doses. The facts are clearly in Dave’s favor here, as he and others have spoken often on the topic, and the dosages are published in many places.

You article is in disagreement with every test report, and the analysis past and present from WAPF, Dr. Chris MasterJohn, Chris Kresser, and many others. I believe that Dr. Daniel’s misleading report incited an emotional response from you, as surely you must have felt betrayed. You should be relieved to see Dr. Masterjohn’s report that shows Dr. Daniel’s accusations to be unfounded, and thus confirms that your many years of using and recommending FCLO were indeed sound practice and good advice.

Good luck to you, your family, and your readers.

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