Boron, Arthritis, & More

BoronLet’s talk a bit about boron. Boron is an element, and a mineral that our body needs. Without enough of it, our body fails to make proper use of calcium, magnesium, and lots of other things. We don’t need a lot, but it is critical that we get the little we need. A great many problems can be fixed by this single mineral.

I was motivated to write this by a recent experience with a family member. Nearly a year of constant visits to doctors and hospitals did nothing to resolve a constant pain that the patient was experiencing in her arm and chest. Other than the pain, she seemed to be in perfect health. None of the doctors had any idea what was wrong, and no recommendations for further action. They assigned her to physical therapy and said that she had ‘fifty’s shoulder’ and was simply getting old. (A common catch-all diagnosis in Japan)

I suspected it was a chiropractic issue, and finally got her to agree to visit one. Of course the doctors and hospitals never recommended one (Sadly, chiropractics are still not recognized as ‘doctors’ in Japan). But then as she was preparing for her visit, I learned some other things that she hadn’t told me before. Chiefly, that she was having severe body cramps every night, which not only disrupted her sleep, but left her in pain. Cramps.

The first thought when hearing about cramps – magnesium. But she has a pretty good diet that should compensate for the magnesium deficiencies in our food. To be sure, we recently added magnesium and D3 supplements to her daily routine. However, boron alone has already started to have an impact. The cramps are subsiding and she is sleeping better.

Historically, boron was plentiful in lots of plants, so mankind never had a problem getting it. But now our soil, and thus our plants, are severely deficient in boron. And of course that means we too are now deficient.

The solution is sustainable agriculture, where we once again establish nutrient rich soils that bear nutrient rich plants. But that is a long-term solution. What about now? If you can’t get enough boron from your food, there is a rather unusual way to supplement, and it involves Borax.

Sally Fallon’s boron tonic: mix 1 teaspoon of borax into 1 quart of water and mix well. Use only 1 teaspoon of this base mixture mixed into a glass of water each day.

This is arguably the very best boron supplement that you can get, and it cost practically nothing. The very best borax (i.e. Two Mules brand) has been mined from the same place for over a hundred years, and a five dollar box will last you a lifetime. Pure. Cheap. Plus, it isn’t another pill to take. It is just a glass of normal tasting water – that you could use to wash down other supplement pills, I suppose. Magnesium and D3 would seem like the ideal combo. (Although I am generally not a fan of supplementing with pills)

If you are suffering from cramps, osteoporosis, or any number of other ailments – which might actually be attributed to calcium or magnesium deficiencies – boron might be your solution. But don’t take my word for it. Read more about boron here:

And back to my current experience… Another hint that boron was probably the problem – she was losing mobility in her shoulders, which seemed like arthritis, according to the doctors. I could suspect K2 deficiency here, but she eats a ton of natto and other K2 rich foods.

She may yet need to make other diet adjustments, but it seems that this tiny little bit of boron every day might just do the trick and restore her shoulder mobility, eliminate her cramps (and restore her sleep!), and eliminate her constant daily pain. That is an awful lot of birds with one stone.

As always, it all comes down to proper nutrition.

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