Bad: Fish Oil & Dr. Mercola

Is fish oil good for you?
Dr. Mercola is a leading advocate of ‘natural health’ and nutrition. But not really. While I often find good information on his site, I cannot continue recommending it, as some articles are blatantly false, and are supporting a hidden agenda – which is to sell you his own unhealthy products. Sadly, his advocacy is no less corrupt than pharmaceutical company advertising, as he is jeopardizing people’s health for profit. And nothing illustrates that better than his stance on fish oil.
OK, wow, so I went a bit off the deep end in the paragraph above. I actually think Dr. Mercola is great; however, there is a very serious problem with his stance on fish oil, and the articles he has written about it. The articles are far below is own standards, and needlessly undermine his credibility. We need him to be better than that.
Thankfully we have some amazing gatekeepers at the Weston A. Price Foundation that help keep truth in check. Here is a great example where they address Dr. Mercola’s post directly. It is a very educational read.
And if you want more information, here are a couple of other great articles about Fermented Cod Liver Oil vs other fish oils:
As for me, I never recommend fish oil as a standard supplement. It does have its place, but most fish oil (and cod liver oil) is terrible stuff for several reasons:
 – loaded with mercury, PCBs, and other toxins
 – pumped with synthetic vitamins
 – heavily processed, thus damaging the oil
 – risk of vitamin imbalance
 – too much omega 3 oil can be bad
 – not a quality source of omega 3s
That is a long list of negative reasons, and it varies a bit, depending on the manufacturer. The ‘idea’ was good, and cod liver oil had a great reputation a hundred years ago. But current products are heavily processed fish from polluted waters, so the end product is not nearly the same. There are none I trust. Except for one…
Fermented Cod Liver Oil from Green Pasture (under their Blue Ice brand) is the only such product that I recommend, and the owner, Dave Wetzel has a tremendous amount of knowledge on this subject as well. He is dedicated to using and protecting the wisdom of ancient processes. Notice that it is ‘fermented’ cod liver oil. This is very important.
There might be other good products that I am not aware of; however, as I have scoured the globe – literally – checking all countries that I could – I found only one product recommended as a sole source over and over – Green Pasture’s Blue Ice products.

There is no doubt that ‘generic’ fish oil has saved people’s lives. It is a magic elixir in some situations, both historically and still now. But I do NOT recommend it for the reasons stated. It gets its glory from special cases, and is therefore not worth the risks. Use the Green Pasture products, which are the safest and most nutritious, or find other safe sources for your omega 3s, vitamin A, D, etc.

And always check your sources very carefully. 

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One thought on “Bad: Fish Oil & Dr. Mercola”

  1. Here is another article speaking against fish oil, from Chris Kressar. Chris does a pretty good job in this article, but I am ultimately disappointed in several critical shortcomings in the article, and in the comment section:

    1. The article does not discuss differences in fish oil types or brands at all, nor site any specifics in the studies that are referenced. Everything is just lumped together. This is a big problem, as there are a wide range of products that fall under the banner of ‘fish oil.’

    2. Chris recommends one Cod Liver Oil (CLO) product in his article. This is a very curious recommendation, as it is an inferior product to the FCLO (Fermented Cod Liver Oil) from Green Pasture, which he has recommended in years past. (See his comments from February 2011).

    Chis has even explained why Fermented CLO is superior. And in the comments of the current article, many people are asking him about the Green Pasture FCLO, and recommending it. And while he is answering some comments, he is mysteriously silent about the FCLO. This disturbs me, as I become immediately suspicious about brand affiliations, profit motivations, etc. I do hope that Chris has not succumbed to such.

    The Green Pasture FLCO products (marketed around the world under the Blue Ice brand) remain the best products of their type, and the only thing that I recommend in the ‘fish oil’ category for now.

    We need people like Chris (and Dr. Mercola) to remain impartial, and promote the products that are truly best.

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